Monday Morning Web Design Inspiration

I have started working on the new version of ABDZ, at least I have that goal and I am already creating mood boards for visual references. Web design is at a very mature state, at least from the static mockup design point of view. The line between print and digital in terms of editorial design is getting completely blurred. I selected some mockups I found o Dribbble to illustrate my point. There are still several open questions on these proposals, especially for me, the fact that they are, as I said, static. Most of them have a fixed size, which I imagine is the above the fold area, however, screen sizes. Not only that, I believe that people, like me, might also have their browser window, not in full-screen mode on Mac Os. So those add yet another set of constraints. Anyways, the designs are very inspiring and there are many components I am definitely adopting/adapting on the new Abduzeedo site.

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