Exploring LEGO® House (Home of the Brick) in Denmark

Hope everyone has enjoyed a beautiful Weekend, I guess as part of our routine we would surf on Netflix just to cool off the week by watching a movie or by simply just surfing until you have no more ideas what to watch anymore. Hah! Well, I stumbled across one documentary that thought would be nice to share on ABDZ, presenting LEGO House – Home of the Brick. We follow the construction of a massive LEGO house located in Billund, Denmark; 130,000 sq ft of incredible design including what they called: Tree-of-Creativity. As you can see by the following pictures, it’s surely a place of my bucket list to visit.

In Billund, Denmark, a nearly 130,000-square-foot house inspired by the iconic Lego bricks is constructed, capturing the awe of kids of all ages. – from Netflix

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